Please email us to be connected with any of our coaches!

Shannon Palumbo  

I’ve been a figure skating coach for 15 years. I coach individuals, synchro, and group classes. I teach everything from basic marching to gliding, jumps, spins, and field moves. Please contact me for more information. 


Kameryn Furman  

Specialties include synchro, ice dance, moves in the field, and choreography.


Lauren Ashton  

I have 11 years of coaching experience. I coach individual skaters, moves in the field, and synchro. 


Jennifer Compton  

I have 25 years of coaching experience. Specialities include jumps, spins, and choreography.


Becky Adler  

I have over 15 years if coaching experience with basic skills -- double jumps, field moves, and synchronized skating. I prefer to give supplemental or booster lessons due to my schedule.